Summer Fun Outdoor Summer Activities

The end of summer vacation is getting close for a lot of kids in the area. The thought of school being just around the corner is probably making a lot of them sad and lazy. Now’s your chance to make the end of the summer just as fun as the beginning! Here are some outdoor summer activities to do with your kids.

Outdoor Summer Activities

  1. Make a summer movie night outside in your backyard! You can purchase a projector, which you’ll definitely end up using more than once. If you have a white wall then you already have your screen and if not then a white sheet makes a great movie screen.
  2. Try out geocaching, which is a modern scavenger hunt your kids are sure to enjoy. You use your smartphone to get to a location where you will find trinkets that people have left behind. You can then leave behind a small trinket and sign your name on the paper found at the location so others know that you’ve been there. Outdoor Summer Activities
  3. You might not have time to take a big trip,but you can always go on a hiking day trip! There are endless amounts of places to hike around you, you just have to start looking for them!
  4. If you have older kids then a trip to Live On The Green is a great way to spend the end of the summer. This is a great free summer music festival that is family friendly.
  5. Get your kids up early on the weekend and take a trip to your local farmer’s market! Going to the farmer’s markets is a small adventure that you and your kids could have right in your backyard because many towns have their own small farmer’s markets. Have a fun time teaching your kids about fresh produce!

These are just a few ideas for making the most of the last few days of summer with your kids before they head back to school! Help them enjoy the end of their summer vacation!

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