Bugs for Dinner?

Can you eat Bugs for Dinner?

What bugs or insects are also good to eat? As we discuss Bugs for Dinner?


Ants have a zesty, lemon pepper taste. They are referred to as the caviar of the bug world. Ants pair well with shrimp.


Unlike ants, many people have heard of eating grasshoppers and enjoy them. Grasshoppers are very rich in protein. You can eat them out on a hike (cook them first) or buy grasshopper powder. Chocolate covered grasshoppers are also commonly eaten.


Crickets, like grasshoppers, are a commonly eaten insect. They also need to be cooked before eating. The cricket has a bit of a nutty flavor and is often ground onto flour. If you look on popular shopping websites, there are a variety of types to order.

So if you are considering bugs for dinner, look no further!

How much protein do Crickets have compared to common food sources?

Crickets: 65 grams

Beef: 32 grams

Wild Salmon: 19.8

Did you know that you already eat bugs in common foods?

Insect parts per 100ml-

Peanut Butter: 30

Chocolate: 60

Wheat Flour: 150

Sources: www.bugsfordinner.com

Recipes: www.time.com/3830167/eating-bugs-insects-recipes/

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