Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito Free

Sometimes mosquitoes can ruin your summertime back yard party. They can run your guest off. Keeping your backyard mosquito free can make or break your summer plans. Below are some tips on how you can manage the pests that show up uninvited to your parties.

Running off Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the worst. They bite repeatedly and can run your guest off. Keeping a fan on will sometimes help since mosquitoes are not traditionally good fliers. Basil leaves produce an aroma that mosquitoes do not like. Placing some basil centerpieces on your tables will help keep your backyard mosquito free.

Mosquito Prevention

Having standing water will always be a welcome mat to Mosquitoes. Make sure your bird bath is free of excess water. Cook with some garlic. Mosquitoes hate garlic. Do you use essential oils? Using their CATNIP oil is a natural repellent for Mosquitoes. If you aren’t afraid of a little Bat, you can build a bat house. Bat’s can eat hundreds of insects in just an hour.

Yard Work

Keeping your yard nicely mowed isn’t just good for your relationship with your neighbors. Having a clean yard prevents mosquitoes from having a place to hide. Clean your gutters, trim the hedges, and keep the grass trimmed. Rosemary, Citronella grass, and Marigolds all keep mosquitoes away. If you plant these plants you could enjoy more outdoor time in the summer.


Planting flowers cannot only liven up your landscaping it can help you repel mosquitoes. Lavender smells great, relaxes you, and keeps mosquitoes away. Plant some mint to make your Tea tasty and to repel mosquitoes. Rosemary can be used in many lotions to soften your skin as well as a natural way to keep bugs out of your garden.

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