Inside Pests of Tennessee in December

What Are The Common Inside Pests of Tennessee in December?

Box Elder Bugs

A box elder bug is a nuisance even if you don’t see them. They would rather be outside, however with Winter temperatures dropping, the box elder will come inside to get out of the cold. Several ways they truly are a pest is the damage they leave behind. This caused by their droppings as they move around. The stains appear on furniture, curtains, rugs, and flooring.

They typically gain access through vents, windows, rooflines, cracks, etc. Box Elder Bugs are just one more reason to seal any cracks in your home’s exterior. Once inside they gather in hard to reach and barely visited places. Even under floorboards. In Spring, they make a mass exodus back to the outside.


Ants, including Carpenter Ants come inside during the colder months. Although they may not hurt your belongings, the can damage your home. Carpenter Ants literally eat your home’s structure and framing. If they come in and you have too much moisture or moisture damaged wood, they will create havoc.


Your Grandmother had moth balls for a reason! Moths will come inside at any time of the year. But, the Winter cold really makes a difference to them. They will come in to escape. Not all moths are clothing moths. Catch one and show it to your pest control technician for proper identification. If they are clothing moths, getting treatment quickly is important. These pests eat more than just your jackets. They will eat any natural fabric including couches, carpets, and curtains.


Your home doesn’t have to be dirty to get rodents. But, left behind crumbs and scraps increases your odds. Mice want to be warm just like you. They will enter through the smallest of openings to get food and warmth. Mice can get through cracks one fourth of an inch (about the width of a pencil). Get rid of mice quickly. And, there is never just one. Mice and other rodents spread disease found outside. They also cannot contain their bladders and bowels. As they walk through your home, they leave their droppings behind.

That is a portion of the Common Inside Pests of December in Tennessee? Depending on where in Tennessee you live, there can be other pests bothering you in the Winter. If you are unsure about any pests, give us a call and we will help. 615-220-1933.

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