Got Mice?

Got Mice?

During the cold months ahead you may experience unwanted pests. For example mice. If you have recently remodeled, had an addition built, or have moved recently. Mice are able to fit through a very small opening (6-7mm)!



If you feel like you may mice, do a visual inspection.

Check under your cabinets, where pipes and electrical cords come up from the crawlspace. These maybe visible in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and even a mud room. Mice can crawl up and enter through any small hole.

Droppings – The Hantavirus

Not Chocolate Sprinkles

If you see baby mouse droppings in your kitchen, you may think that they are chocolate sprinkles. Sadly, it is not likely. It is important to wear gloves to clean up any droppings you find. The Hantavirus can be in the droppings.

What is the Hantavirus? Hantavirus is a life-threatening viral infection spread to humans by rodents. Be careful. If the droppings are in a vacant room or area, wear a mask to block partials from going into your lungs.

It’s Never Just One

Quick Reproduction

If you see one mouse, there are always more. Mice can breed year-round with one female able to produce five to 10 litters per year. With an average of six to eight babies per litter, a family of six mice can multiply into 60 over the course of three months.

Things Mice Destroy

Mice can also chew through soft concrete, wood (structure and furniture), drywall, rubber, plastic pipes, insulation, aluminum, and even gas lines. Mice will chew and eat through anything. They love oats and grains. Which means your pantry is not safe!

So do you “Got Mice?”

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