Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetle

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Carpet Beetles may be living and reproducing in your home or business without you knowing it. These little pests tend to like wool carpets and rugs, like the name suggestions. The young carpet beetle looks like a tiny hairy worm. They tend to be near baseboards, behind headboards and bookcases, in closets and under furniture.

Identifying the caret beetle may require the help of a pest control professional. Our trained technicians can assist in identifying whether or not your have problem with the carpet beetle. The best way to help us identify a mysterious pest is to capture it in a plastic bag (if it is safe to do so) and then give us a call. We will better be able to know what the pest is if we can see it first hand. Other ways to hold a pest is a mason jar or tupperware container.

The carpet beetle eats more than just wool carpets. They feed on rugs, silk, hair, feathers and fur. This makes your home a huge feeding frenzy for a carpet beetle. Occasionally they will feed on plant materials, books, grains and pet food.

Tips to help reduce your chance of having carpet beetles:

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  • Regularly move and clean behind furniture
  • Vacuum and dust regularly
  • Keep open foods in a sealed container
  • Check flowers and used furniture thoroughly before bringing them into your home
  • Dry cleaning will kill carpet beetles
  • Putting items in the dryer will also kill them
  • Get help from a pest control professional


At Absolute Pest Control, we pride ourselves on skilled and trained technician professionals. We work hard to provide high quality service to our customers. Our treatment is 100% Guaranteed or your money back! If you suspect that you have a carpet beetle infestation or any other type of pest problem, please give us a call 615-220-1933.