Bed Bugs in 2021

If you thought you were getting a reprieve from bed bugs in 2021, it isn’t so. Although travel is down, bed bugs are still being spread around. So here is what you need to know!

Bed Bugs Are Still Here

In the 20th century bed bugs were very common. So much so, that people checked their beds every night before bed. Covid-19 has slowed down some of the spread of bed bugs. But, not stopped them.

People Are Still Traveling

Yes, travel has slowed. Less people are traveling for business and recreation. This reduces the chances of bringing bed bugs home. However, you may be near someone who has traveled. And, bed bugs can easily hitchhike onto your bags. Some states have seen an increase in visitors since other states have stopped.

What Happened To Bed Bugs?

In the mid 1970’s insecticides like DDT were banned. Less effective treatments were brought to use. The treatment was less likely to kill bed bugs and could not reach into cracks and crevices as well. This allowed an almost extinct bed bug population to return. 

Can Bed Bugs Come Back After A Year?

It is extremely frustrating if you get bed bugs again after treatment. One of the reasons this happens is because people choose to treat their infestation themselves. DIY treatments are not as effective. When you treat bed bugs yourself, you may miss cracks or corners where bed bugs will hide. In fact, one female bed bug left behind is likely to restart an infestation.

Another reason that bed bugs reappear is a poorly done treatment from a professional company. Some companies do not train their employees as thoroughly as we do. And, some customers do not allow a company to treat the entire home. This is likely an effort to save money. But, in the long run, it does not.

Lastly, another reason bed bugs return is because an adjacent apartment or living space wasn’t also treated. You can do everything right but still get a re-infestation because a neighbor’s home was not treated. It is critical that all areas are fully treated.

This is all about Bed Bugs in 2021. Questions…. let us know!

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