7 Facts About Bed Bugs That You Need To Know

If you are reading this, you likely are having an infestation of bed bugs or know someone who does.

7 Facts About Bed Bugs

As you read this article, keep in mind that clean people get bed bugs. There is no shame in calling us to discuss your options.

1 – Bed Bug Eggs Are Tiny

At 1mm, bed bug eggs are extremely difficult to see with your bare eyes. 1mm is about the size of a pinhead! Females can lay eggs every day. in the tune of 500 in her lifetime. Exponentially, that creates a large infestation quickly.

2 – Bed Bug Saliva Has A Mild Anesthetic

One of the best weapons buy these nighttime pests is that we don’t feel their bites. At least when it’s happening! When you can’t feel the bites as they are happening, there tends to be a lot more bites.

3 – Bed Bugs Can Live In Almost Any Environment

That also makes them difficult for DIY treatment. These bugs can survive in temperatures from 0-120 degrees. Really! Our technicians find them in bed rooms, dorm rooms, hotels, motels, schools, theaters, hospitals, and so many more.

4 – Bed Bugs Can Ingest 7x Their Own Body Weight In Blood

They’re like tiny vampires. If you were to multiply that out based on an average human male, that’s 120 gallons of fluid in his stomach.

5 – Bed Bug’s Instincts Are On Point

The bugs have evolved enough to wait for the smell of Carbon Dioxide. At that point, they go in for their meals. During the daytime hours, they stay in hiding.

6 – Bed Bugs Are Resistant To Pesticides

Their resistance makes DIY treatment very ineffective. Similar to head lice, the overuse of certain pesticides and chemicals have allowed bed bugs to become stronger than the chemicals used to kill them.

Our technicians have studied and trained on the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs. Currently, a hybrid solution is working well.

7 – Bed Bugs Are Like Toddlers At Mealtime

Have you ever tried to get a toddler to eat something they don’t want? They don’t… These pests won’t eat from a dead host. They require their meal to be alive. No cold or spilled blood will do.

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