5 Tips to Avoid Pests During Camping Trips

Getting away from it all and enjoying Mother Nature with (or without) the family is memorable. Make sure it is memorable without bug bites and ants filled food! Below you will find our 5 Tips to Avoid Pests During Camping Trips!

#1 Colors Matter

Be aware of the colors that you wear and the colors of your tent, cooler, sleeping bags, chairs, etc. That seems a bit silly but it isn’t. Pests are attracted to bright colors.

#2 Choose Clothing Carefully

If hiking is part of your plan, make sure you wear clothing that covers your skin. Long sleeves and long pants. Tuck your pant legs into your socks. Spray your clothing with buy spray before putting it on. These steps help keep pests from getting to you.

#3 Stay On High Ground

Moisture (or water) = pests and wildlife. Water is a lifeline for all living things. Stay away from “dry” creek beds, high grass, and other areas where moisture collects.

#4 Clean Up After Yourself

Even if your mom is camping with you, clean up after yourself. Leaving trash, containers, and crumbs invites all types of insects and animals. Investing in bear proof food storage helps keep bears from getting into your food. Cleaning up includes your silverware and dishes. Just keep it clean No smells. No food crumbs. No pests.

#5 Shut The Door

Literally. Keep your vehicle doors and widows closed. Keep food containers closed. Keep your tent or trailer doors and windows closed. Make sure openings have screens!

That is our 5 Tips to Avoid Pests During Camping Trips! We hope you have a fun filled summer!

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