2021 Pest Predictions

What kind of pest issues are in store for us? Here is our 2021 Pest Prediction.

The 2021 Pest Prediction: Rodents

2020 brought a lot of changes and hardships to Tennessee residents. Covid-19, unemployment increases, business closures, and illness. 2021 may still include those things but add an increase in rodents.

Why An Increase In Rodents?

It isn’t actually an increase in rodents, as much as, an increase in rodents in homes. With business buildings closing, restaurants going out of business, a scarcity of food, and warmer climates, the rat and mice population has to go somewhere.

Why Are More Rats Outside During The Day?

The food sources for rats in urban areas have been cut off. Business are closed. There is less waste left out and push in trash containers. The rats need food so they are left to scavenging at all hours of the day. They go into the streets in broad daylight. That is unusual behavior for these nocturnal pests.

How Is there An Increase In mice?

Similarly to the rat food supply issue, mice find themselves in bad situation. More evictions, home abandonment, and less food as incomes have been hit hard. This has reduced the available food sources. If you have any large cracks, gaps, holes, etc., mice are looking to move in.

What Can You Do?

Your biggest defense is making it impossible for rodents to enter your home and secondly, cutting off the food supplies.

Do an inspection of your home for large cracks, gaps, and any holes. Look in the back of your cabinets, pull out kitchen drawers, look at where cable or internet providers have drilled holes for cords. All fo these places can allow mice to enter your home. Mice can fit through an opening as small as a quarter inch. Caulk, seal, or fill holes with steel wool to prevent mice from entering your home. 

Clean up! Make sure you do not leave loose food out in your pantry. Wipe down your kitchen after eating. Make sure all your trash is securely in a trash container. 

If there is not a food or shelter source for rodents, they will skip your home and move onto the next one. This is the best time to make these repairs. If you cannot do it, or have a family member who cannot make repairs, consider hiring a handy man to assist you.


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