Identifying Silverfish In Your Home

Identifying Silverfish May Be Harder Than You Think

Silverfish get their name from the way they look. They are small in size and do not have wings. Silverfish love dark, damp, wet areas. Think garage, basements, water heater closets, bathroom cabinets, and kitchen cabinets. Although Silverfish don’t cause harm to humans, they are still a household pest.

Did you know a Silverfish can live for 8 years?!

Finding and Identifying Silverfish can be tricky. Most home owners do not know they have an infestation until they see one or two silverfish behind a refrigerator or in a basement. Once you see one or two, there are always more. They may be hard to find during the day. Silverfish are nocturnal pests.  Like rodents, they have prolific reproduction rates.

Here are 6 Signs of Identifying Silverfish Infestations

  • You see one
  • Fecal matter that looks like pepper
  • Tell tale damage to paper products
  • Yellow stains
  • You find skins
  • Activity in cracks or crevices


If you see any of the Identifying Silverfish signs listed above you need to seek professional pest control assistance.

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Pest Control Myths

Pest Control Myths

How many times have you heard of a home remedy that didn’t work for someone? There are so many pest control myths out there it’s easy to get lost trying to locate one that will work for you. We’ve located a few of these myths and listed them below for you, just remember call us when you are ready to get rid of the myths and the pests!

Mice Like Cheese

A lot of people use mouse traps to get rid of them. The idea is that the mice will get trapped under the wrong end of the trap when they go after the tasty cheese treat you left behind. Ending your battle with the mouse. The two problems here are 1. Is never a mouse. It’s always mice and 2. Mice would prefer something sweet over cheese. It’s a great idea to try and trap them, but using food that would actually attract them will help.

People try to solve the mouse problem with a pet cat. The problem here is that not all cats will chase mice. So will and are great ways to help get mice from your house, others will not do anything to help you with your pest problem. Mice are capable of hiding in places your cat cannot reach even if the cat will chase them. They are good of notifying you of a mouse problem.

My House is Too Clean for Cockroaches

Unsanitary locations are the best place for a cockroach. There is plenty of food and places to hide. But they will live in the cleanest of places as well. Any where they can find food and water is a place they will live and hide. They infest an area and remain unseen most of the time. If you see one, there are many more in hiding. Give us a call for a free estimate for removal.

I Don’t Have a Pest, so I Don’t Need Pest Control

This is the biggest of the pest control Myths. The best time to start a pest control regime is before you have a problem. It is much more expensive to get rid of a pest problem than it is to maintain a home without pest issues. Getting started is easy. Give us a call for your free estimate.

Pesticides Will Not Hurt My Children or Pets

This is true. If applied correctly. Care and proper knowledge is needed to safely use pesticides for your pest control. If used properly they will not cause harm to pets or children. If they are not applied correctly they can be more dangerous than the pests themselves.

Ultrasonic Repellers Work

For decades retailers have sold Ultrasonic Repellers. The supported technique is that they produce an extremely high-pitched sound that will run hundreds of types of pest off. Pest Control Myths can be expensive and costly when they do not work. The Federal Trade Commission has stated they do not have any evidence that these devices work. To save time and money stick with a traditional pest control company.

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Fall Pests in Murfreesboro

Fall Pests in Murfreesboro, TN

As the summer season comes to an end, many people usually think that their battle and struggle with pests have also ended. While some pest populations do diminish when cold weather came, the truth is that many pests continue to look for shelter and food indoors. When fall season came, people receive an increase rate of pest related issues.

The first thing that a pest control provider will work on is to determine where the pest infestation begins and is coming from. After this, they will determine the type of pest and to what extend these pests have damaged your property. Thereafter, all precautions are done prior to executing their pest termination procedures and techniques. As you are feeling joyous with the change in seasons and excited to attend fall festivals, it is important that you are aware about the most prevalent pests that you will encounter during fall season. So, what are fall pests in Murfreesboro, TN?


Ants are a common household pest. They can cause damage both inside and outside home. Oftentimes, they nest inside the house and since they are really minute creatures, no container that has food is safe from these pests.

Bed bugs

This small type of pest can really be irritating. They like invading couches, carpets and mattresses. They can give excessive discomfort and sleepless scenarios to some people. Bed bugs are difficult to treat. Our new steam bed bug removal system is proven effective.


Mice and rats typically pop into our minds when speaking about rodents. However, rodents can as well include bigger creatures such as chipmunks and squirrels. They invade homes to get food. Once they find food at your home, they will get used to this and return to your place. Hence, keep all food supplies in a secured place. Make certain that trash is secured in your garbage bin. Throw garbage out regularly.


This common pest is similar to termites. However, instead of penetrating and destroying woods, these pests love to work on their destructive ways to textiles. They can attack a wardrobe of new or old clothes. Aside from fabrics, they can as well attack other soft materials such as books.


This type of pest is more destructive than any other pests. These are the major threat to wood houses. Even furniture which are made of wood can be penetrated and infiltrate by these pest.

Other pests

Among the other pests that can cause problems to human are bees, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions and many more.

Certainly, these pests above can be controlled by regular pest control service. If you want to attain real and permanent elimination of pests in your house, call Absolute Pest Control. Our highly trained technicians will help you to easily and quickly get rid of fall pests inside your home. Get in touch with us today and rest assured that fall pests will completely be eliminated.

How to keep fall pests out of your home!

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New Homes and Termites

New Homes and Termites

Preventing termites before they can create severe damage to your new home is an essential way to maintain and keep its value. Even if there are still no signs of termites in your new home, it will help if you will have a protective barrier. New homes can get termites if not protected.

It is always best to protect your new home from any termite infestation. It is also a bit easier and simpler to prevent termites from entering your home than getting rid of them. If you want to prevent termites in your new home, here are some of the things you should do as part of the early prevention of termites.

Keep it clean

  1. Vacuum or sweep your floor on a regular basis. Foods and any other unnecessary residues must be removed quickly to make sure that termites are not feeding of the mess.
  2. Wash dishes completely after each meal. Wipe down your sink and keep it dry right after washing all the dishes and other utensils used.
  3. Repair slow moving drains. Termites will be immediately attracted to these areas as they have found out that these are dirty and perfect for them to live.

Wood based issues

  1. Prevent yourself from storing untreated kind of timber like firewood in your new home.
  2. Hardwood timber garden border is also very conducive for termite infestation. Thus, they need to be immediately replaced with termite resistant type of materials like treated masonry or pine.

Venting your home

  1. Don not block sub floor venting. Venting only keeps the entire area dry and less attractive to termite infestation.
  2. If your new home is brick, you will actually notice some gaps between the bricks. These holes are weep holes. These allow the cavity ventilation and moisture to escape. Be sure that the weep holes in your brick are clear from any dirt, concretes and any other unnecessary obstructions and materials that will allow termites from entering your new home.
  3. Homes that are manufactured from concrete slab where exposed slab edges form some physical termite barriers could be a perfect area for termite infestation. This is the reason why you need to make sure that the slab edges will remain as part of your home’s inspection zone. Ensure that your vegetation that surrounds the perimeter of your building does not rest on the home. The purpose of which is to prevent termites from entering your new home.

These are only some of the things you need to follow in relevance to new homes and termites’ early prevention. If you are unsure how to do some early prevention against pests, ask us- Absolute Pest Control. We will explain to you the things you need to do, specific to your situation. Now, you already have learned more about the things about new homes and termites.

More About New Homes and Termites

Check the likelihood of your home getting termites on this map.

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New homes and termites can happen. Don’t let your biggest investment be at risk.


Top Ways to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home

The Top Ways to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home Today


Getting rid of oriental cockroaches

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Cockroaches are a common pest that have been around since the introduction of our ancestors to planet Earth. It is safe to say that in one point or another whether you like to think it or not your home has been shared with a cockroach or cockroaches and they should be gotten rid of for many reasons. They are carriers of many diseases that are harmful to humans because of where they roam.

Cockroaches Can Survive Nuclear Explosions

With the thought that cockroaches are to be the only creatures who could survive a nuclear explosions it makes you wonder, what could you possibly do that could top a nuclear explosion to get rid of these things? Well the first thing that will benefit you is to understand why they are harmful to you. It will mean you are more vigilant when trying to get rid of them.


The first and most obvious thing to do is..

…Keep it clean and don’t stop cleaning!


The human household is the perfect living and breeding ground for cockroaches. There is food lying about, dead skin cells, nooks and crannies that we forget about. Therefore remain dirty, any food residue like oil or grease. All of this is ideal for a cockroaches survival conditions. This means doing simple things around the house like wiping down all surfaces in the kitchen to get rid of any remnants of food. Also wiping down all surfaces around the house to get rid of dust which contains dead skin cells, sweeping and then mopping all flooring before bed, and making sure that there are no dirty dishes in the sink. The exposed food can attract the cockroaches to it and they will feed off it.

Cleaning the house is something you need to do every day to successfully prevent cockroaches from entering your home just 15 minutes at the end of each day should be more than enough to do this.

Seal up those nooks and crannies


It may be difficult to do as some of the holes in your house may be extremely difficult to get to but to the best of your ability you need to try to seal them up. The best places to look would be behind countertops, the inside of a pantry, the joining of the wall to the skirting board, the joining of the skirting board to the floor, and around your doors and windows. Seal them up with a material that is impenetrable to them, as they are able to get through a lot of soft materials it is best to get a hole filler from the D.I.Y store that is designed specifically for this.

Cockroaches are like rats and other insects whereby they can crawl through and enter your home through the smallest of spaces. So it may be time consuming but definitely worth it in the end to block these entrances.

When pests come from outside to inside it is because something is luring them there. Make sure you have taken the right steps to keep them away.


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Looking for detailed information about Cockroaches? Click HERE to read what Wikipedia has to say!

Protecting Your Thanksgiving Dinner From Pests

Protecting Your Thanksgiving Dinner From Pests

protecting your Thanksgiving Dinner From PestsIt’s getting close, so close I can smell the pumpkin pie baking in the kitchen. Thanksgiving brings us family time, loads of food and the Thanksgiving Day Parade! Hours upon hours of food prep and devouring of the feast!

But it also can mean crumbs, forgotten food and a dinner delight for pests!

Having a pest problems on a regular day is bad enough but add in a traditional holiday and tons of guests…. It may end crazy. When the mosquitos and ants go away with the warm weather, we are often left with mice, rats, squirrels, skunks, etc looking for food and warmth.

So how can you protect your Thanksgiving Dinner from Pests?

  • Store Food in air tight containers – Are you making dozens of cookies for the neighbors and family? Keep all cookies in airtight containers. This helps keep pests out and the yummy cookies fresh. Any and all baking ingredients should also be stored in sealed containers or bags.
  • Clean all prep areas immediately – Are you a lazy cleaner upper? This is the worst time of the year for being lazy in the kitchen. Clean up immediately after functions or if there are any spills.
  • Clean up serving areas immediately – Are you having a buffet for your human guests? Make sure you patrol the area for spills and left over dishes. Follow the guests to where they have eaten and clean up left over dishes or cups when appropriate.
  • Remove trash often – Are you waiting for the trash can to be all the way full? Don’t do it! Take out your kitchen trash after each meal. And, don’t forget to check bathroom trash cans after each function. Guests may be embarrassed to throw food away in a trash can that is in full view of the host (or hostess). The only other option is a bathroom.
  • Send leftovers home with guests – Are you really going to eat those brownies or 4 dozen cookies? Well, maybe you will. But if you don’t have appropriate storage containers for the food, send it home with your guests! It will keep your waistline trim and provide less opportunity for pests to have snacks!

We hope these tips will help protecting your Thanksgiving Dinner From Pests!

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season. Hopefully these tips will help keep your eyes twinkling and home secure! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE or Call our office at 615-220-1933

Plastic Bins - What To Pack Holiday Decorations In!


Plastic Bins!

These color coded, many sizes, clear, sharpie friendly, you name it- Plastic Bins fit the bill. Now, that the holiday’s are over it’s time to pack away all that decor. And, store any of those after Christmas purchases you scored with the sales. But don’t put all those treasures and deals into cardboard boxes. There are several pests that will gladly live and eat away at your stuff. You don’t want any disappointment next year when removing those boxes and finding poop, missing pieces, eaten items and more! Let’s show you how plastic bins can bug-proof your decorations.

Decoration Predators-

Mice– Mice can’t chew through plastic bins and build nests or eat any leftover food that may have been accidentally packed away. Plastic bins will stop them from ruining your decorations with the poop they leave behind as well. They are unsanitary and unwanted!

Spiders- What a better place to live unbothered for 11 months but those hastily closed boxes that house your holiday treasures?? Spiders can get into small spaces. They love dark, unused corners of your attic or basement as it is. Using plastic bins that close tightly will eliminate spiders moving into your mementos.

Other Ideas-

Another option that helps keep your decorations pest-free would plastic wrap. One item people often throw away are the bags that bedding comes in. Those bags are plastic and have zipped sides. Utilizing these bags adds a layer of safety to your treasures.

Do you have an old plastic lid for a bin you can’t find? Those can be doubled to wind lights around. Take the lid, start at the bottom, slowly ind the lights around the lid until they are done. You may even add a small screw to hold the end of the lights.

Label the Plastic Bins! Once you have organized and packed away all those holiday decorations, the last thing to do is to label the box. Two suggestions include clearly writing on the side and top of the plastic bins with a sharpie or use name labels. The name labels are good if you decide to change what is stored in those plastic bins.

Hopefully these tips will allow your late November or early December holiday decoration hunt end well!

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Bed Bugs, Costs Factors and Psychological Sleep Issues

Bed Bugs, Costs and Sleep Issues

Having a bed bug infestation will effect several different aspects of your life. The big one can often be your long term sleep. Other areas that may be an issue can be cost, embarrassment, overcoming the “dirty house” reputation and/or future travel doubt. This article will offer some helpful ideas to increase your comfort after a bed bug invasion.

The first step after finding out you have a bed bug problem is get treatment. Not all treatment companies are the same. Always ask for recommendations, check local BBB website or other reputable directories. When speaking to the companies ask what their services include. One really important question people don’t ask but should is what happens if the bed bug return? Is that covered in the initial fees? Will I incur additional costs for treatment if it does not work the first time? This is important because bed bugs can be difficult to treat. You do not want unexpected add on fees if they bed bugs return. We stand behind our treatment and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our trained technicians will rid your home of unwanted pests including bed bugs!

Absolute Pest Control Protection Guarantee

Other hidden costs can be things like new beds. Bed bugs love to hide in the creases and seam of your mattress and box springs. If your mattress and box spring is old, you may be better off purchasing a new queen mattress and a high quality bed bug encasement. Encasement botcher because you want a full level of protection. The cheap ones may rip or tear, offering easy entrance to the bed bugs. Also, you want want an encasement that is made of a material that won’t bother you as you sleep. Think noise or scratchy materials.

The treatment of a bed bug infestation will bring a pest control company and their technicians to your home. many neighbors will be inquiring about what you bug has taken your home hostage. It is normal to question because they are thinking about if it will become a problem fr them as feel. Most neighbors understand bed bugs are not there because you have a “dirty” home. If you have spiders, snakes, ants or other common pest, they need to be on the look out too. Additionally, what if you just gave your neighbor the old mattress from your kids room? Oh boy, the bed bugs would be something they need to know about stat! Bed bugs do not target “dirty” homes. They are brought into the home most often by traveling. Don’t be too embarrassed to get treatment.

Some people have been highly traumatized by the infestation of ned bugs and have compared their feelings afterward similar to those who have been victim to a crime. The anxiety and stress can be labeled as PTSD. Without quality sleep people can be agitated and very stressed. Don’t fall victim to this! Your stress during the day can lead to problems in your job performance, then following up with an over active mind during the time when you should be sleeping and you will have long term sleep pattern issues. If you continue to have issues after getting treatment, please consult a professional to help you get through this problem. And, if the problem brings distress to your children, explain that the bugs are gone and that they won’t return. Make sure you do not add stress to your children. Their sleep patterns are developed when they are young. We don’t want to increase sleeping issues to affect their adult life.Bed Bugs can hide anywhere

Will you will be able to travel comfortably again? That is up to you. Be proactive in reading reviews of the hotels you will be staying. Check several websites for reviews and look back more than month. Most people don’t realize they have a problem immediately. Read our article that has what to look for when you stay in a hotel and you have checked into your room: here! Here is one site that travelers can check to see about bed bug infections:* Travel alone won’t bring a new infestation, so don’t let an infestation stop you from seeing the world. Some people purchase an RV or Trailer to travel to reduce their chances of getting infested by bed bugs. Remember, there is a bed there too. Always think about your choices and how they will effect your future.

If any pest is bothering your family, home, yard or business, we are highly trained to make sure that your treated fairly, with the best products for the situation and that you are happy with the service you received. At Absolute Pest Control we service all of Middle Tennessee and parts of Kentucky. Many residents is Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Lebanon Tennessee are serviced by Absolute Pest Control. Please call us for your next appointment today at 615-220-1933. If you prefer email, click here for our contact form!

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Weird and Wacky Bug Facts

Weird and Wacky Bug Facts: We have complied 10 for you!

You may be familiar with common household pests but what about these sometimes invaders and their strange habits. Enjoy learning about the weird and wacky bug facts below.

Stink Bugs-

The brown stink originated from Japan. It is believed that they were stowaways in shipping crates. Although harmless to humans, they invade farmers crops and are a nuisance.


A large swarm of springtails will gather together and float on water looking like a bug raft. They are a weather and climate dependent pest. They thrive in high moisture areas.


These shiny bugs have a strange mating ritual. The first step is to have a male and female face each other, touch antennae, back away and then do it again. The second step is to have the male run away and the female gives chase. The last step is to line up next to each other, head to tail, and mate.


These rollie pollie bugs drink from multiple places in their body. They require moisture in order to survive. They drink from their mouth and from tubes on the back side called a uropod. That does not sound appetizing,


Fossil evidence shows that these creatures were the first to breathe on land. One fossil dates back 428 million years. The millipedes can have a large number of legs; 30 to 90 pairs of legs. The larger of the species has 333 pairs of legs!

Lady Bugs-

These cute bugs are quite vicious when they are hungry and food is scarce. It is not uncommon for them to resort to cannibalism if there is nothing else to eat.

House Crickets-

People love and hate crickets. They will damage your home but eating carpet and other fabrics. In some Asian countries, crickets are cherished and they live in cages as pets. Other cultures believe the crickets song means it will rain soon. The noise crickets make comes from rubbing their two front legs together.

Ear Wigs-

Despite the fact that were named because people thought this bug would crawl into people’s ears and eat into their brains, the ear wig is not a threat to humans. They do however attract the women with an awful smell. When a female is drawn over, the male uses his pincers to attach himself to the female for up to a couple of hours to complete mating.

House Centipedes-

Centipedes can have many sets of legs like the millipede (15 – 177 sets; and always an odd number). The weird fact is that the front legs on a centipede are use as fangs to inject venom into their prey. They are the only creature made like this.

Boxelder Bugs-

The boxelder bug is named because it feeds off boxelder trees, leaves and seeds. The weird part is that they feed on female boxelder trees. They will winter inhumes to get our of the cold.

Mother Nature has given us a huge world of interesting plants and animals. Many of the pests that bother us are not poisonous. It is important to live in harmony with some of the bugs that make us crazy. They all have their reason for being here and most help us humans in one way or another. We believe in this way of thinking and will create a perimeter around your home to keep your family safe but allow creatures on the other side to live and do the job they are intended to do. If you have a weird bug and don’t know what it is, take a picture of it and send it in! We would love to help you discover what it is!!


Source Website

Fall, Ants and Your Home

Where do ants go when the weather gets cold? Inside. If you have ant colonies living outside your home, as the weather changes and food becomes scarce, ants will relocate inside. Consistent treatment is the best answer to keep you home ant-free during winter months. If you do get an infestation, call us to claim back your home. Then, you can enjoy your winter, worry and bug free.

Certain ants will hibernate in extreme weather areas, other relocate to a warmer place; like your home. In Middle Tennessee, like Murfreesboro and Nashville, ants will likely come inside to stay warm and be near a food and water source. If you have untreated colonies living in your yard, it is a short trip through cracks or holes to their new homes.

They are ways to help reduce the probability of an infestations. First, seal up cracks or holes in your foundation and home. There are many critters that can enter your home to escape the cold weather through holes, cracks and openings. Second, have consistent treatment on your property. That does not mean that you have pest control chemicals in your home or even on our yard every month. It means having consistent inspection for pests, conservative amounts of pest control chemicals (or our eco-friendly products) and knowledgeable technicians looking out for your best interest. And, third, keep your home tidy. Always wipe counters, tables and food service areas down. Do not leave food out. tale trash out regularly.

Once an infestation has started, you may need professional pest control help. Our skilled technicians can and will help solve any pest problems you may have. When you see the tell tale signs of a trail of ants marching across your floor, wall or table, call for help. Often times for internal ant infestations a trap may be used. This sometimes makes people confused because there will be a swarming of ants to the trap. It will appear that the infestation is worse. But, in fact the ants will swarm, collect the poison in the bait trap and return it to the queen and colony. As the remaining ants eats the bait, they will die. slowly less ants will return to the bait until there are none.

Ants are just one of the pests that may relocate to your home during the cold winter months. Fix or repair entrance pints for pests. Have a professional pest control technician review your home and property for current problems. Keep your home free of food and trash debris. And, call a professional company like Absolute Pest Control at the first sign of a problem.

Carpenter Ants

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

At Absolute Pest Control, we pride ourselves on taking the very best care of our customers. We provide the best pest control in the business. Please check out our affordable bi-monthly service agreement that has you covered on all bases, not just ants!

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