Preparing For Bedbug Treatment In Your Bedroom

How does one start preparing for bedbug treatment? It may seem daunting after getting told your have a bedbug problem or infestation. However, if you break it up into smaller steps, you’ll be ready in no time. See the steps below and contact us if you have any further questions.

Step 1

Bed Bugs can hide anywherePreparing for bedbug treatment starts with your bed. Next, remove all of the bedding. And, remove anything stored under the bed. You need to eliminate places for the bedbugs to hide.

Although, you have removed everything under your bed, you will leave it in the room to be treated. However, moving items occupied by bedbugs furthers the infestation. And, it can create more problems and cost for you.

Step 2

Next up in preparing for bedbug treatment is the closet. Similar to cleaning out under the bed, you need to clean out the closet. Be careful to keep the affected items in the room(s) being treated. This is a good time to reduce some of your unneeded clothing, shoes, etc. And, it will leave less places for pests to hide. The trash receptacle must be kept a far distance to the house until pickup time.

Step 3

Last in preparing for bedbug treatment is to make sure there are no further piles or items in the hallway outside the bedroom. Don’t give the bedbugs another safe haven during treatment. Keep the area clean for trained technicians. And, leave halls clean of debris for safety.


If you have bugs, bugging you, call us to help make your home safe again.

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Bed Bugs! Don't Let Them Bite

Bed Bugs! Don’t Let Them Bite

Bed bugs are small, non-flying, oval insects, that survive by the blood of humans or insects. They do not live only in your bed. They can live anywhere in your home. Including cracks in your furniture or any cloth fabric. But they are often found in your bed or mattress, bed springs or bed frame. They usually bite while you sleep. Their bite is painless and looks like a rash. They are not poisonous and their bites do not spread disease to humans, but they do itch and the skin can become infected from scratching.

How to Find Bed Bugs

It’s best to find them early. An infestation can easily spread or become established. They are much easier to treat at the earlier stages. The first sign of may be red, itchy bites on the skin, usually on the arms or shoulders. They tend to leave straight rows of bites, unlike some other insects that leave bites here and there.

Look in crevices and cracks and on or near your bed to locate them. You should look for Fecal Stains, skins, and egg cases. If you only see the bed bugs themselves, you’ve got an active infestation. 

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

They are the size of an apple seed. Long, oval, and brown if they are hungry. Balloon-Like, reddish, and more elongated if they have just eaten. They have wings, but do not fly. They have a musty smell. Young bed bugs are smaller and more translucent with a whitish yellow color and if they are hungry almost invisible to the naked eye.

In general eggs are the size of a tiny pinhead, pearl white, and after 5 days marked with an eye spot.

How Long to Bed Bugs Live?

These bugs have exoskeletons. A nymph (hatch-ling) must shed their skin, or molt 5 to 7 times to become an adult. Molting (shedding of skin) can only take place after a hatch-ling has eaten. Since they eat every 3-5 days, egg to adult usually takes 37 days. The adult bed bug can live up to a year.

For more information click HERE.

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Steam Treatment For Bed Bugs

Steam Treatment for Bed Bugs

steam treatment for bed bugsIs it possible to use steam treatment for bed bugs? It is a viable answer to bed bug infestations that is extremely effective, cheaper and quick. High temperature steam kills bed bugs and essentially sterilizes your furniture/home. We have trained our technicians to properly administer this new method to alleviate bed bug problems will a 100% money back guarantee.

How does it work?

By utilizing the high temperatures of steam, it creates an environment that the bed bugs simply cannot survive in. Our technician will fill the room with steam of 140 degrees for 2-4 hours (longer in larger infestations) using one of our new machines. This process will sanitize your room and rid it of odors (if you have them) like cigarette smoke or pets.

What’s the Cost?

The cost varies by how large of a space that needs to be treated and how intense the infestation is in your home. The cost is less than traditional treatment. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Can Anyone Do It?

While there are videos out on Youtube showing people how steam treatment for Bed Bugs can work, some also talk about using chemicals and buying expensive equipment. You can see one of the videos here. But if you think about the time, energy and equipment – not to mention no warranty on the work, you’re better off hiring us to complete the project for you!

We have additional information here on our website.

Nashville Ranks 23rd in the Country For Bed Bugs!

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Bed Bugs 101

So you think you might have a bed bug infestation starting to grow in your home? The first step to make sure that you identify that the bug you are looking at is in fact a true bed bug. If not addressed sooner, the bed bugs then have time to spread to more places in your home than you originally thought were infested.

A bed bug has been commonly confused with other similar looking pests such as carpet beetles, adult fleas, or lice. It is apparent that you first identify that what you are looking at is in face a bed bug.

Here are some identifying factors of adult bed bugs: two-bed-bugs_2

  1. 1/4 inch long.
  2. Long and brown with a flat oval-shaped body (if not fed recently).
  3. Balloon-like, reddish brown and more elongated (if fed recently).
  4. Smelly “musty-sweetish” odor.
  5. Possesses characteristics of a “true-bug” which include a beak with three segments, antenna that have four parts, wings that are not used for flying, and short golden-colored hairs.

Young bed bugs (Nymphs):

  1. Smaller than adult bed bugs.
  2. Translucent or whitish-yellow in color.
  3. Invisible to the naked eye if not fed recently.

Bed Bug eggs:

  1. Size of a pinhead.
  2. White in color.
  3. Marked by an eye spot if more than five days old.

bed bugsNow that you know what kind of bug you are looking for, here are some signs that they leave around that you should pay attention to:

  1. Rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets or mattresses.
  2. Dark spots, which are bed bug excrement and may bled on fabrics much like a marker would.
  3. Eggs and eggshells (which are about 1mm) and pale yellow skins that Nymphs shed as they grow bigger.
  4. Live bed bugs.

So now you know what kind of signs to look for, here are the places the bed bugs might be hiding:

  1. Seams of chairs and couches.
  2. Curtains.
  3. Drawer joints.
  4. Electrical appliances.
  5. Under loose wallpaper and wall hangings.
  6. Where the wall and ceiling meet.

Let us know if we can help you with any bed bug problems.

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If you need some more information about bed bugs and signs of bed bugs.

Our Steamer Will Kill Bed Bugs Fast & Affordably

Absolute Pest Control Offers a New Service That Uses Steam Cleaning to Kill Bed Bugs

"Bed bug, Cimex lectularius" by Content Providers(s): CDC/ Harvard University, Dr. Gary Alpert; Dr. Harold Harlan; Richard Pollack. Photo Credit: Piotr Naskrecki - Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -,_Cimex_lectularius.jpg#/media/File:Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectularius.jpg

“Bed bug, Cimex lectularius” by Content Providers(s): CDC/ Harvard University, Dr. Gary Alpert; Dr. Harold Harlan; Richard Pollack. Photo Credit: Piotr Naskrecki

Have you noticed a rash on your skin after waking up in the morning? Do you notice an odor that smells like rotten raspberries? Have you noticed tiny, white bugs around your bed or furniture?  You might have bed bugs!  

Bed bugs are known for being very hard to kill, but have no fear! Absolute Pest Control has a new, proven steam cleaning method to kill bed bugs and keep them from coming back!

What we do is go into the room where the infestation is and use our brand new steam cleaning units to weed them out. The unit works by heating the room to 140 degrees for 2-4 hours. After that, say ‘goodbye’ to bed bugs!

Not only does this new service kill bed bugs, but it also kills bacteria and gets rid of nasty smells such as cigarette smoke and pet odors. With these added benefits, this is, by far, the best way to kill bed bugs and keep them away from you and your loved ones.

Again, this is a brand new, proven technique. We are only the second company in Tennessee to offer this service! And not only is it priced lower than other methods used to kill bed bugs, we are also offering a 100% money back guarantee!

If you’re wanting to kill those terrible bed bugs, click here, or give us a call at 615-220-1933 or 615-650-0700.

Bed Bugs Are Still A Problem in Nashville

Bed Bugs – Nashville Area

Bed Bugs can hide anywhereThe news has been quiet lately about bed bugs in the Nashville Area. No headlines warning of hotel infestations, homes overcome with bed bugs, nursing homes, etc. Does that mean the problem is gone? No! The problem is still here and in some areas the problem has increased. Bed bugs are everywhere that humans are.

Here are some startling facts about where infections were most reported:

  • Nursing homes – 58 percent (46 percent in 2013)
  • Office buildings – 45 percent (36 percent in 2013)
  • Schools and day care centers – 43 percent (41 percent in 2013)
  • Hospitals – 36 percent (33 percent in 2013)
  • Doctor’s offices/outpatient facilities – 33 percent (26 percent in 2013)
  • Transportation (train/bus/taxi) – 29 percent (21 percent in 2013)
  • Retail stores – 20 percent (15 percent in 2013)
  • Movie theaters – 16 percent (10 percent in 2013)


Notice what’s missing from the list? Hotels! Bed bugs aren’t just from traveling to hotels. They are found in all spaces. Some, obviously more than others! And, some strange places too. For example; dance clubs, bathroom vents, funeral homes and more. There are still bed bugs in hotels and motels, we are not saying not to be cautious but that bed bugs are in more places than people think!

Before traveling check this website* for reported hotels: HERE

Review this article on how to stay safe when traveling: HERE

Bed bugs aren’t the end of the word. If you find them, treatment is required. Bed bugs won’t go away by themselves. We offer state-of-the-art treatment plans that actually work.

If any pest is bothering your family, home, yard or business, we are highly trained to make sure that your treated fairly, with the best products for the situation and that you are happy with the service you received. At Absolute Pest Control, we service all of Middle Tennessee and parts of Kentucky. Many residents is Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Lebanon Tennessee are serviced by Absolute Pest Control. Please call us for your next appointment today at 615-220-1933. If you prefer email, click here for our contact form!

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Reference Website Pest

Bed Bugs, Costs Factors and Psychological Sleep Issues

Bed Bugs, Costs and Sleep Issues

Having a bed bug infestation will effect several different aspects of your life. The big one can often be your long term sleep. Other areas that may be an issue can be cost, embarrassment, overcoming the “dirty house” reputation and/or future travel doubt. This article will offer some helpful ideas to increase your comfort after a bed bug invasion.

The first step after finding out you have a bed bug problem is get treatment. Not all treatment companies are the same. Always ask for recommendations, check local BBB website or other reputable directories. When speaking to the companies ask what their services include. One really important question people don’t ask but should is what happens if the bed bug return? Is that covered in the initial fees? Will I incur additional costs for treatment if it does not work the first time? This is important because bed bugs can be difficult to treat. You do not want unexpected add on fees if they bed bugs return. We stand behind our treatment and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our trained technicians will rid your home of unwanted pests including bed bugs!

Absolute Pest Control Protection Guarantee

Other hidden costs can be things like new beds. Bed bugs love to hide in the creases and seam of your mattress and box springs. If your mattress and box spring is old, you may be better off purchasing a new queen mattress and a high quality bed bug encasement. Encasement botcher because you want a full level of protection. The cheap ones may rip or tear, offering easy entrance to the bed bugs. Also, you want want an encasement that is made of a material that won’t bother you as you sleep. Think noise or scratchy materials.

The treatment of a bed bug infestation will bring a pest control company and their technicians to your home. many neighbors will be inquiring about what you bug has taken your home hostage. It is normal to question because they are thinking about if it will become a problem fr them as feel. Most neighbors understand bed bugs are not there because you have a “dirty” home. If you have spiders, snakes, ants or other common pest, they need to be on the look out too. Additionally, what if you just gave your neighbor the old mattress from your kids room? Oh boy, the bed bugs would be something they need to know about stat! Bed bugs do not target “dirty” homes. They are brought into the home most often by traveling. Don’t be too embarrassed to get treatment.

Some people have been highly traumatized by the infestation of ned bugs and have compared their feelings afterward similar to those who have been victim to a crime. The anxiety and stress can be labeled as PTSD. Without quality sleep people can be agitated and very stressed. Don’t fall victim to this! Your stress during the day can lead to problems in your job performance, then following up with an over active mind during the time when you should be sleeping and you will have long term sleep pattern issues. If you continue to have issues after getting treatment, please consult a professional to help you get through this problem. And, if the problem brings distress to your children, explain that the bugs are gone and that they won’t return. Make sure you do not add stress to your children. Their sleep patterns are developed when they are young. We don’t want to increase sleeping issues to affect their adult life.Bed Bugs can hide anywhere

Will you will be able to travel comfortably again? That is up to you. Be proactive in reading reviews of the hotels you will be staying. Check several websites for reviews and look back more than month. Most people don’t realize they have a problem immediately. Read our article that has what to look for when you stay in a hotel and you have checked into your room: here! Here is one site that travelers can check to see about bed bug infections:* Travel alone won’t bring a new infestation, so don’t let an infestation stop you from seeing the world. Some people purchase an RV or Trailer to travel to reduce their chances of getting infested by bed bugs. Remember, there is a bed there too. Always think about your choices and how they will effect your future.

If any pest is bothering your family, home, yard or business, we are highly trained to make sure that your treated fairly, with the best products for the situation and that you are happy with the service you received. At Absolute Pest Control we service all of Middle Tennessee and parts of Kentucky. Many residents is Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Lebanon Tennessee are serviced by Absolute Pest Control. Please call us for your next appointment today at 615-220-1933. If you prefer email, click here for our contact form!

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Selecting A Pest Control Company

Do You Need Pest Control Service But Don’t Know How To Chose The Right Company?

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they need a pest control company to come help with a problem. Whether it be a one-time service or gold star maintenance package, you still need to know what yo look for to get the best company for your issue. The task may seems daunting at first, but don’t despair! Here are some questions to ask, tips and things to look for in you new pest control partner.


  • Does the pest control company have a valid license?
  • Is the company bonded?
  • What is the charter number?
  • Does the company do background screening on your technicians? If so, which ones?
  • Do the technicians have identification when they arrive at your home or business?
  • How many years has the company been in the pest control business?
  • How much experience does the company have treating a problem like yours?
  • Does the company offer free estimates on pest control?
  • Does the company require a long term contract? If so, is there a detailed list of exactly what is and is not covered?
  • Is there a guarantee on the pest control service you will receive?
  • Is there an eco-friendly option (if that is important to you)?


  • A properly screened and identified technician will keep you and your family safe.
  • Check to see if there are reviews about the business online (i.e. Facebook, Google, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, etc.). Remember one bad review shouldn’t end your research, see how they handles the issue. That way, if the unfortunate happens to you, you are prepared on how you will be treated.
  • Pay attention to what is not covered and any time limitations on work.
  • When comparing quotes check above tip to correctly identify what you are actually paying for and what is excluded.
  • If you don’t feel right about a company, go with your gut. Especially if there is a maintenance contract.


Choosing a pest control company can be a big decision or one based on an infestation and who can arrive the soonest. Take a breathe and make sure you ask the right questions, are comfortable with the answers and choose a partner in your home maintenance not a fly-by-night business. A quality company will respect the fact that you have questions and cheerfully answer them. If they don’t, they are not the right one for you!

At Absolute Pest Control we pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve the results they are looking for at a reasonable value. We can and do answer the questions listed above for our customers and offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our Platinum Package for hoe pest control maintenance covers more than any other and is priced below many Big Name companies. Our fully screened, trained and background checked technicians will service your home or business in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne, Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville and all of Middle Tennessee. If we can be of assistance to you please call us today at 615-220-1933!

The Bug Fighting Team at Absolute Pest Control

Retreating for Bed Bugs

We were recently asked if our service included retreatment for bed bugs. Yes, we believe in a job well done. If you hire our company, Absolute Pest Control, to service your home or business we stand behind our work. We will retreat as needed to rid your space of a pest problem and provide follow up maintenance care as identified n our ongoing maintenance program.

Another question that followed was why would we need to retreat. Although we are very skilled at pest control, there are times when an infestation is large. In this situation, multiple visits may be deemed necessary. In an effort to disrupt your life as a little as possible, we go over all the details during our initial visit.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Then, we were asked does Murfreesboro, TN have more bed bugs than other areas? No, Murfreesboro, TN does not have a higher incident rate of bed bugs than other areas. Sometimes in a city with lots of hotels, like New York City, San Francisco or even Nashville, the bed bug cases can be a little higher because there are a larger number of travelers and hotel rooms.

To recap:

We will treat and retreat your home or office until a pest resolution has been achieved. We believe in customer service and the best treatment of our clients. Occasionally a retreatment program is necessary when dealing with pesky bed bugs. Murfreesboro, TN has an average number of bed bugs.

We are here to provide the best pest control service available in Middle Tennessee. Please call us at 615-220-1933 for an appointment today!

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