Now Available – Wildlife Relocation & Animal Removal Services

Absolute Pest Control is pleased to announce: Wildlife Relocation & Animal Removal Services to better serve our clients. Our humane animal removal service includes: removal of nuisance pests like bats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, snakes, moles, birds, and more. These animals can extensively destroy your property and annoy house dwellers. Half of the problem is the animal removal and half of the problem is keeping them gone. Our licensed and bonded wildlife relocation and animal removal technicians will provide a free estimate, plan of successful eviction of your pest, and guarantee to solve your problem.


If you notice rustling noises in your attic, especially after dark, you may have a bat problem. Bats are especially annoying because of the terrible mess (their droppings are called guano) they leave behind. Once we complete the bat exclusion, we create a plan to keep them out. Each animal removal has its own plan to repair the bat’s entrance.


Squirrels can take residence in your home or business at any time. They look for inside homes during extreme cold or if their natural habitat has been destroyed. One sure sign of squirrels is chewed insulation or wiring. Other signs are loud noises in the attic, urine stained insulation, urine stained ceilings, or sightings of their feces. Squirrels can chew through electrical wires and create major fire hazards. Squirrel removal can be difficult because they are sneaky, small, and persistent pests.


One of our biggest area offenders are skunks. Our technicians, at Absolute Pest Control, provide humane animal removal services for skunks that have invaded your home, porch, shed, business, etc. Skunks are relocated away from your home and do not return if they have been released more than a mile from your property. We provide skunk (animal) removal by evaluating where they are coming from, setting humane traps, and then relocating the animals to a safe new habitat. Maybe you are encouraging skunks by feeding them? Do you exposed pet food? What about a bird feeder? How about a garden full of berries? These all seem innocent but can provide food to skunks. Skunks can carry animal distemperment, that can be transmitted to your pets.


We provide affordable wildlife eviction to all of Middle Tennessee, especially rural areas outside of Nashville. These wildlife and animal removal services include: bat exclusion, squirrel removal, skunk eviction, snake relocation, raccoon control, and more. Call Absolute Pest Control for humane animal removal and relocation service provided by our licensed and bonded technicians.


Remember animal removal and wildlife relocation is best left to the experts!

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