How Winter Affects Pest Control

Absolute Pest Control Know How Winter Affects Pest Control Here

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting an extreme Winter. Our customers are asking how Winter affects pest control here in Smyrna, TN. 

“Contrary to the stories storming the web, our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing toward a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter. We stand by our forecast and formula, which accurately predicted the many storms last winter, as well as this summer’s steamy, hot conditions.” Farmers’ Almanac Editor Peter Geiger said.

How Winter Affects Pest Control

It all comes down to the types of Winter weather, length of cold spells, and inches of precipitation. Many homeowners hope that the cold temperatures will kill off or cause hibernation to pests. That is not always the case. A slow decline in temperatures can allow pests to prepare for the dip in temperatures. However, a cold snap may leave them out in the cold; literally.


If the Winter is cold without a lot of snow, eggs may die from the elements. Long periods of time with low temps will cause death by exposure. 


On the other hand, if there is cold and snow, the snow may bring protection from the cruel elements. Mice and other rodents have been know to burrow under show filled yards into barns, basements, and homes.

Absolute Pest Control Know How Winter Affects Pest Control Here

With our ongoing Platinum package, we prepare your home or business for all seasons of the year. This continuous treatment provides a invisible barricade of protection for your family. Our technicians check every other month for any weaknesses in your home or office. Our 20 point inspection allows you to be educated in the process and not have surprises. Additionally, we will return if you have any issues between visits; free of charge.

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Hoarders and Pests

Hoarders and Pests; What’s Really Living Under That Mess!

hoardersWe have seen the show hoarders. There are audible gasps and sadness to see people living in such deplorable circumstances. And, while there is a mental illness aspect to it, who else besides themselves are they hurting. Yes, their family. But, it can also be harmful to the pets.

Pests That Love Messes

When a hoarders starts collecting stuff, they may bring pests into the home with their new found treasures. While others are attracted by the type of collection. For example, if one hoards paper related items; mice and rats will love to make nests in there. Another example is hoarding clothing. Similar to paper products, this product creates opportunities for nests and hidden feces from vermin. When you cannot access parts of a room or home, there can be a variety of pests that will take up residence and the home owner may never know. Snakes, rats, mice, beetles, termites, flies, parasites, squirrels, and more depending on where you live.


The Damage To Pets

Your beloved family member may suffer more than you think. When someone lives with mess, they often are not taking necessary steps to care for their pets. They may neglect annual shots or heart worm medications. If you know of someone in a hoarding situation, with pets, it can increase the amount of help they will need. Pets can also be bitten by vermin or other pests that live in the hoard. Fleas and ticks also thrive int his lind of living situation.

What To Do When Cleaning Out Hoard

Getting hoarders and pests out of a home can be done but you will need a strategy. Firsts to have emotional support for the hoarder. Call about local trash removal ordinances. Have a pest control company come out for an inspection pre-trash removal. At that time, they will determine a plan that may include multiple visits. A heavy infestation can be expensive to get completed but it important for the long term safety of all involved.


If you know of someone needing assistance with pest control services regarding a hoarding situation, please give us a call at 615-220-1993. Our trained professionals will handle the job with respect and care that you would expect.

Termites, Ants, Wood Chips and Mulch

What do Termites, Ants, Wood Chips and Mulch all have in common? Pest Control issues if they are used around the perimeter of your home!

wood-chips- Termites

Here are some common questions we answer frequently about landscaping materials and pests that can damage your home.

Q. Does the use of Wood Chips and Mulch attract termites and ants to your home?

A. No, that is a commonly heard myth.

Q. Are Pine Needles a good replacement to Mulch?

A. Unfortunately, no. That is just another form of wood-type covering.

Q. Why are wood products bad for landscaping?

A. It isn’t wood per se that is the problem. It is the moisture that is under the Wood Chips or Mulch that can really bring on a problem. So you can use wood mulch around mailboxes or other landscaping that is far away from your home.

Q. So if Wood Chips and Mulch do not attract termites and ants, why do people tell me that?

A. Subterranean termite colonies feed off of the decaying wood in mulch and other wood landscaping products that homeowners use to help flowers and bushes survive in heat. The termite colonies send out workers to locate food and water sources. While the colony eats the current find another group is out foraging for the newest food source. If you think about mulch filled plant beds placed around your home, you may be setting your home up for multiple termite colonies. It is not a far road for termites to leave the mulch and start in on the wood in your home. Ants are also attracted to some mulches. It comes down to not attracting ants to your home and not providing a food source for termites.


No one wants termites and you can get them even without using wood chips or mulch. However by avoiding triggers like using mulch and wood chips in your landscaping around your home, can reduce the chances of having a termite problem in your home. We also offer a pretreatment plan that can help keep your home termite free. If you are interested contact our office HERE or call us today: 615-220-1933.


Other information can be read HERE.

How To Get Rid of June Bugs

How to Get Rid of June Bugs

June bugs

June Bug Copyright © 2010 Mike Quinn

They’re coming… June Bugs or June Beetles. The June Bugs are really scarab beetles. There are several different species that can be bothering you. The June Bugs usually arrive in late May or early June. However, there have already been reports of the pesky June Bugs in the Nashville area (Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Franklin, Brentwood, etc.). Your grass roots, garden, flowers and plants may be destroyed by these seasonal visitors. But good news! We can help you to get rid of June Bugs with just a couple steps.


Get Namatodes

Although this needs to be done in advance, think Fall, the Nematodes are a small but effective way to get rid of the June Bug larvae. How does it work: The grub eating parasites will eat the larvae of the June Bugs while they are “in the womb” and are unsuspecting. Reminder; This must be done in the fall. Read more about the tiny but mighty Nematode here and here.

Spray your lawn with a pesticide

Pesticides can be very dangerous to good insects in your yard. It is crucial to find the best product for your exact problem. And remember, killing adults won’t eliminate your problem completely because there may be larvae in your soil ready to hatch next year. Read the directions carefully to avoid overexposure of chemicals to your lawn and water table.


Attract and utilize natural predators

Do you have a pond? Frogs, toads and birds are predators to June Bugs. Frogs are carnivores and will each just about anything they can fit in their mouths. Frogs and toads are also active at night when June Bugs were active. Adult female toads will eat up to 81% of unwanted yard pests!


So what do you think of our article How to Get Rid of June Bugs? Please comment below any further questions you may have!


If you are experiencing problems with June Bugs or any other unwanted pest, our trained technicians can help you! We create a barrier around your home with our external pest control service. By maintaining the barrier wit consistency, you will rarely have a problem. And, if for some reason you do, call us and we will come out and fix it as soon as possible!


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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

How to Get Rid Of Cockroaches!

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

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Cockroaches are huge problem in the South. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a dirty home. But, if you are searching for how to get rid of cockroaches in Nashville or other cities in Tennessee; read on! We will talk to you about how to prevent cockroaches, how to get rid of them and how to keep them gone!

Common species of cockroaches include; Madagascar Hissing Roach, German Roach, Brown Cockroach and the American Roach. What do cockroaches eat? One typical thing we find that cockroaches eat is your trash! Cockroaches breed quickly and easily, especially in water-infested areas. The best defense is a solid offense. Keeping cockroaches away is the easiest way to not deal with them.

Here is the overview on how to get rid of cockroaches:

  • Check at night- Cockroaches are active at night. A quick trip to the kitchen when it’s dark and turning on the lights will let you see if there is activity from the cockroaches.
  • Over-the-counter baits- A temporary fix is the over-the-counter bait traps available at your favorite store.
  • Call a professional- To get rid of cockroaches and really keep them gone, calling in a professional like Absolute Pest Control, is your best bet. Click here to ask questions!
  • Clean up water- Standing water or leaks can provide the water necessary for life forms to survive. Do periodic checks of pipes to see if you have any extra water leaking.
  • Keep eating in the kitchen or dining room- When you eat all over the house, there is an increase of food scraps and particles being left behind. Kids bedrooms are especially at risk. If you eat in areas other than the kitchen and dining room, be sure to have a clean up plan that really gets all crumbs up. Those tiny bits can feed cockroaches.
  • Watch for hitchhikers- Did you get a deal on a stand up pantry on Craigslist or you favorite Facebook group? Do a thorough examination of the entire piece before bringing it into your home. If possible (weather permitting) leave it outdoors for a day or two to make sure you have no hitchhikers.

Tips after you have gotten rid of the cockroaches:

How to get rid of cockroaches fast

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  • Keep home tidy- Clean up crumbs and keep trash collected in bins with lids.
  • Look for clues- Check for unfriendly house guests periodically
  • Have a routine treatment program-
    1. Routine treatment, like our bi-monthly Platinum Protection Plan, will keep your house cockroach and pest free. Compare the pests that are covered in our package by clicking here. You can see we provide the best protection with the highest value.

That’s how to get rid of cockroaches in Nashville and surrounding areas like, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch and much more. Looking for your city? Click here!
Here is our other article about how to get rid of cockroaches fast and keep them gone!

Our trained and fully screened technicians can assist you in any of your pest control needs including cockroaches. We also offer a FREE annual termite inspection! Call us today for more details 615-220-1933 or 615-650-0070!

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What To Expect During Your First Pest Control Visit

We are serving homes, businesses and apartments in Murfreesboro, Nashville and Smyrna, TN and all surrounding areas. we want you to be informed about the best pest control treatment for you. So, here is what to expect.

Your first pest control visit is made as painless as possible with Absolute Pest Control. After scheduling your appointment, your technician will arrive at your home and let you know that they are there.

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1- The technician will inspect your yard. They are looking for spiders in the water meter, black widows or brown recluse spiders in mailboxes, gutter drains, etc. and look for nests around the yard. When that part of the inspection is complete, the technician will inspect the interior of your home.

2- He will then look in all of your rooms, under sinks, in crawl spaces and other small places that bugs like to hide. Bugs are naturally drawn to food and water sources.

3-If you have specific areas of concern our technician will thoroughly inspect those concerns. Upon completion of the initial inspection a full report will be compiled.

Many times our technicians will spray, put out bait traps, or other pest control devices on the initial visit. Generally when it is a termite inspection the treatment will happen on another visit.

Absolute Pest Control is dedicated to helping your family be pest free and safe for your family. We believe in protecting your family and keeping your largest investment intact. Our main office is located in Smyrna, Tn but we also have an office in Nashville, Tn. All surrounding areas, like Murfreesboro are gladly serviced! Call today for a free termite inspection: 615-220-1933.

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