Who Else Might Be Eating Your Cereal? (Pantry pest prevention)

Pantry Pest Prevention

Does the cereal in your pantry seem to disappear when no one is home? Is your son or daughter not hungry for dinner because they’re sneaking giant bowls of cereal? Or may it be more sinister?

If Not Them, Then Who?

There are a variety of pests that may wrecking havoc in your pantry. In providing Pantry Pest Prevention you should be looking for:

  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Moths
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Weevils

This isn’t even a full list! These are the most common Pantry Pests. Unless you get rid of these pests, you may be in for a bigger issue than just food missing from the cereal box!


What To Do

If you notice pests in your pantry, clean it out completely. Throw away open half eaten packages. Consider investing in plastic containers for your pantry items. Some pests and bugs eat the glue on the boxes. Really! Make sure your pantry is free from crumbs. Routinely wipe down shelves and sweep in your pantry to prevent infestations.

If you find yourself fighting these pests and not winning, call a professional asap.

Absolute Pest Control is dedicated to making your home safe for you family. If you have a question about fall pests or any other pest problem, please call us at 615-220-1933 or click HERE to email us.

Shocking Facts:

Consumer Reports Shop Smart magazine checked with the Food and Drug Administration and found, for example, a 24 oz. container of cornmeal can have up to 745 insect fragments and 27 rodent hairs in one box. Pasta, nuts, peanut butter, dried beans, grains, coffee beans, even chocolate can carry them as well.

Mouse Poop in Your Cornmeal– Ever notice some dark specks in your cornmeal? The handbook allows for up to 13 “fragments” of rodent excreta in a 24-ounce container.
Grasshopper Legs in Your Peanut Butter– In a regular-sized 16-ounce jar of peanut butter, the FDA will allow up to 136 insect fragments and four rodent hairs.

Keeping Bugs Out!

Keeping Bugs Out!

Summer is the best time of year. Sipping your tea, swimming in the pool, playing with the kids, and swatting the mosquitoes away. Well that last one is annoying and can ruin your summer quickly. Here are some tips on how to start keeping bugs out and not letting them ruin your summertime fun.

Wash the Dishes

Bugs love left over foods and dirty dishes and sugary drink cans. If you have an insect problem in the house, check the kitchen. Clean and put away all the dishes. Put away all food and keep the refrigerator clean and rinse your recyclables before you put them in the bin. Speaking of bins, clean those once every few months too.

Yard Work

Keeping Bugs out starts in the yard. Mowing the grass and pruning the trees doesn’t just make the yard look nice, it also helps keep bugs away. Old mulch or grass are great hiding spots for insects. If you have animals and they play outside, they will bring those bugs inside. Keeping the yard trimmed, the trees pruned, the leaves raked all helps with keeping bugs out.

Speaking of Pets

Clean up after your pets. Bugs love pet food and waste. Make sure to dispose of unused food or bugs will overtake your pet’s area. Keep food in a air tight container when not in use. Wash their beds, fur, and blankets on a regular basis.

Walk the Perimeter

Walk the perimeter of your house, if you see cracks in the foundation you should plug them. Protect outside vents from pests by butting up mesh guards. Check windows and door frames. Make sure they are sealed properly. Check for rips or tears in your screens and replace faulty ones. Check for stagnant water. Mosquitoes love water so make sure you empty anything that might hold water.

You’ve Got to Know When to Fold Them

Keeping bugs out isn’t always something you can do alone. Sometimes it takes a professional. Don’t loose sleep over an itchy night with bugs. With regular maintenance and visits to your home and can keep the bugs away from your house and yard. Give us a call for a free estimate on Pest Control.

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Bees! Don't Panic


There are 20,000 varied species of bees in the world.  Each species will three types of bees. A queen, the male drones, and the female workers. They will sting when threatened so don’t panic. Don’t swat, stay calm, leave the area.

Here are a few types of bees for you to learn about.

Honey Bees!

They live in hives. Female workers collect pollen and carry it back to the hive, male drones mate with queens, who lay the eggs for the hive. They nest do not have a specific size. They are found in trees, but will make it to an attic. Their nest can grow to become very large. They only sting once, but they will sting. Call a pest control company to remove them.

Bumble Bees!

These are beneficial insects because they pollinate crops and plants. They are very social and live in families. Their stinger will not stick to your skin, so they can sting more than once. Often found flying around desks and porches, often the nest is under ground. Sometimes they build nest in high spaces, like attics and roof beams.

They are very aggressive and will protect their nests. They buzz loudly and will chase for longs periods of time if they are irritated. The bumblebee sting is one of the more painful stings. The effects can last for several days.

They will sting when threatened. If you see a hive on your property, don’t panic! They should be removed by a pest control company.

Carpenter Bees!

These bees are blue-black and look almost like a bumblebee. Not posing a public threat they will drill into almost any wood. Preferring untreated wood, an attack on stained or painted wood is not unheard of. Their nests are not always easy to reach and are a hard annoyance to ride yourself of.

Killer Bees!

Africanized bees live in small colonies found in unique places. Tires, boxes, crates, and cars. No more dangerous than a honey bee, they attack in greater numbers. Increasing the odds of an allergic reaction. Run in a zigzag pattern if you are find yourself in a chase with one. Jumping in water won’t help. They will wait around for you to come up for air.

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Rodents and the Health Risk They Cause

Rodents and the Health Risk They Cause

Rodents constantly grow incisors and do not have canines teeth. Rats, mice, squirrels, porcupines, or hamsters are all considered rodents. They gnaw at everything and they are the largest order of mammals in the world. They are uses as household pets and can be rather cute. Some bring disease and they can cause damage to your home. It’s good to know about rodents and the health risk they cause.

How Do They Spread Disease?

Since there are several diseases caused by rodents there are a number of ways that they can spread diseases. It’s best to call a Pest Control Company if you have an infestation, but you should also be familiar with the dangers caused by rodents.

Inhaling dust in the air that has been saturated with rat or mice urine or droppings, directly touching dropping or urine, a bite from the rodent, even swimming or kayaking in drinking water of the animal. Fleas that bite rodents and jumped to humans cause the bubonic plague. Touching a dead rat causes disease. In general stay away from rodent infested areas. Breathing the same air as the rats can cause disease.

What Diseases Are Caused by Rodents?

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome can cause kidney damage. Leptospirosis causes muscle spasms, headaches, or fevers. This disease can affect humans or animals. Mainly seen in domesticated dogs. The bubonic plague is cause by the fleas on rats. This disease caused mass amount of deaths in the Middle Ages, but this disease is still claiming lives. 1-7 days after you’ve come in contact with the plague you will start to have flu like systems. This is another reason it is important to understand rodents and the health risk they cause.

Avoiding Rodents

Rats contaminate 10 times the food they consume so it is very important to do your best to keep them out. Store your food in air tight containers. Plug holes or any hidey hole they might use to get in. They can enter through a hole just a quarter on an inch wide. So make sure you do a perimeter check. If you see them give us a call.

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Does Your Dog Have Fleas?

Does Your Dog Have Fleas?

I love my dog more than anything else in this world. He is always there when I come home. He comforts me when I’ve had a dreadful day, plays with me on a good day, loves me unconditionally and I must say he is the most handsome boy in the world. There is nothing I hate more than seeing my boy itchy with fleas. It’s so easy for animals to catch fleas I thought we could explore some facts about your dog and fleas, so you can answer the question, does your dog have fleas?

Fleas Hitch Rides with Animals

I love going to the Bark Park with my boy. He loves to play with the puppies and gets in his exercise in when we play. It’s always good to see him have such a fun time, until we get home and he starts scratching. Hearing him whine as he scratches leaves my heart broken, every time.

Fleas do not fly but they do jump from dog to dog. To avoid an infestation, I invite his doggy friends over for a play date. This way I can be selective of which pets are around my dog. Limiting his chances of catching these itchy pests.

Fleas are not only carried by other dogs. They are often dropped off in your yard by the squirrel looking for his nut, or the raccoon looking through the trash. Fleas are left in the environment when the eggs are dropped from an animal, usually running. Your yard can quickly become infested letting your animal carry fleas into your home. It’s best to treat the yard to protect your furry family and human family.

When to Treat for Fleas?

It’s always best and most cost effective to treat any pest problem before it becomes a problem. Calling a pest control company is always the best treatment but learning what they look like will help. Cats and dogs can be good groomers so seeing fleas isn’t always easy. If your pet is itchy you should check them for fleas. Fleas like to hide in warm wet places. They like the ears and the groin of your pet. Check their belly for the red effects of the flea’s bite, or for the dirt left behind from their feces. Some animals will scratch excessively, and this causes hair loss. If you see them it’s best to treat the animal and call a pest control company.

Fleas and Disease

Most all fleas carry tape worms. Since your pet grooms themselves and eats the fleas, they also eat the tapeworms. These pests cause issues within your animal intestinal track and can be costly to repair. With the help of a vet and early detection you can prevent damage to your animal. Checking for fleas regularly is always a positive way to help maintain your pets health. Does your dog have fleas? Give us a call for your free estimate.

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Pest Control Myths

Pest Control Myths

How many times have you heard of a home remedy that didn’t work for someone? There are so many pest control myths out there it’s easy to get lost trying to locate one that will work for you. We’ve located a few of these myths and listed them below for you, just remember call us when you are ready to get rid of the myths and the pests!

Mice Like Cheese

A lot of people use mouse traps to get rid of them. The idea is that the mice will get trapped under the wrong end of the trap when they go after the tasty cheese treat you left behind. Ending your battle with the mouse. The two problems here are 1. Is never a mouse. It’s always mice and 2. Mice would prefer something sweet over cheese. It’s a great idea to try and trap them, but using food that would actually attract them will help.

People try to solve the mouse problem with a pet cat. The problem here is that not all cats will chase mice. So will and are great ways to help get mice from your house, others will not do anything to help you with your pest problem. Mice are capable of hiding in places your cat cannot reach even if the cat will chase them. They are good of notifying you of a mouse problem.

My House is Too Clean for Cockroaches

Unsanitary locations are the best place for a cockroach. There is plenty of food and places to hide. But they will live in the cleanest of places as well. Any where they can find food and water is a place they will live and hide. They infest an area and remain unseen most of the time. If you see one, there are many more in hiding. Give us a call for a free estimate for removal.

I Don’t Have a Pest, so I Don’t Need Pest Control

This is the biggest of the pest control Myths. The best time to start a pest control regime is before you have a problem. It is much more expensive to get rid of a pest problem than it is to maintain a home without pest issues. Getting started is easy. Give us a call for your free estimate.

Pesticides Will Not Hurt My Children or Pets

This is true. If applied correctly. Care and proper knowledge is needed to safely use pesticides for your pest control. If used properly they will not cause harm to pets or children. If they are not applied correctly they can be more dangerous than the pests themselves.

Ultrasonic Repellers Work

For decades retailers have sold Ultrasonic Repellers. The supported technique is that they produce an extremely high-pitched sound that will run hundreds of types of pest off. Pest Control Myths can be expensive and costly when they do not work. The Federal Trade Commission has stated they do not have any evidence that these devices work. To save time and money stick with a traditional pest control company.

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What Should Your Expectations Be After Pest Control Services In Murfreesboro

 What Should Your Expectations Be After Pest Control Services In Murfreesboro

To find the best local exterminator can sometimes be difficult, sometimes you might be lucky to stumble on the right pest control service provider that will fulfill all your pest control needs. In some cases, you might be unlucky to go for a pest service control provider who doesn’t give a hoot about your home but just cares about his money.


What should be your expectations for pest control services in Murfreesboro? Should it be good, bad or ugly? The truth is that your expectations are measured by the quality of the pest control service provider you employ.

It can be good, actually really, really good if you employ the aid of a pest control service provider that is authentic, accountable and experienced. If you hire a pest control service provider who is licensed, who has a certified, licensed technician and who is willing to go all the way to ensure that he provides a service and delivers on his word then be sure to have a positive expectation.


What happens when you hire the service of a pest control service provider who is not licensed? Who has no idea about the intricacies of pest control? Who has no references and who just shows up at your front door with a special formula that can kill the most dangerous pest on earth? The thing is, not every pest control service provider can be trusted. Some of them might think they have found the ultimate method of killing pests and might want to try this new formula with your home. What if it doesn’t work? That is why it is important to ask questions before hiring a pest control service provider.

Must Be Trained

It can get really ugly when you employ the aid of a pest control service provider who has no inkling or idea of what works best for pest control. Pest control service providers of this sort are the ones interested in what they can make from these jobs. Be wary of pest control service providers who offer you multiple services like plumbing and woodwork at the same time. These pest control service providers are simply keen on making some money out of you.

what should be your expectation after pest control services in Murfreesboro?


Your expectation will be determined by the caliber of the pest control service provider you employ. If you employ the aid of a quack because of how cheap the service is, or because of how he can convince you to try out his service, then you do not expect to be impressed by whatever job he dishes out to you. Which is why it is essential to put into consideration the following to do’s before hiring a pest control service provider; do your homework, get references from the service provider, make inquiries from family and friends and ensure that the pest control service provider is certified. The result will be a high expectation.

Common Services Our Clients Request

Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Infestation



WDI Letters

Commercial Pest Control



Mosquito Abatement







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What You Need To Know About Pest Control Service Providers In Smyrna Before Hiring

What You Need To Know About Pest Control Service Providers In Smyrna Before Hiring Anyone

It is important to know your facts when hiring any of the Smyrna pest control service providers. There is nothing more annoying than paying for the services of pest control service providers and being disappointed by missed appointments or bad service. Or even worse, they didn’t fix your problem.

In Smyrna, there are a lot of pest control service providers, and these providers all have their different approach to work. Understand that not every service provider is interested in your happiness as a customer; some of them are just interested in your money. Don’t get stuck with this kind of provider in Smyrna?

Here’s what you need to know about pest control service providers in Smyrna before hiring anyone:



Before you hire any of the pest control service providers, ensure that they are competent. Do your homework by asking questions to your friends and family that use the provider you are considering hiring. Ask on social media for a referral. Look at the reviews online. This saves you both the energy and the cost needed to solve your pest problem.


It is important that you verify a pest control service provider’s license before hiring. In Smyrna, licenses can be verified by checking with the various state departments of agriculture. License numbers must be on all vehicles and marketing materials. A permit proves that the pest control service provider is registered with the state. Ask to see the charter number if you are at all unsure of the legality of suspicious pest control service providers.


If you can’t find a referral from a trustworthy source, don’t check online ratings, and hire one blindly you may be in for trouble . Ensure that you ask them certain questions that can prove their accountability. Such questions include; do you have a charter number?What is your business license number in the state of Tennessee? Do you background screen your technicians? How much training does each technician receive? What’s your service guarantee? Can you provide a list of references? These questions would help you ascertain how authentic the pest control service provider is.


In Smyrna, they are very good pest control service providers with licenses and fully trained pest control technicians. Some of them perform an off the chart job that can leave you amazed. You can tell how good they are by how they provide their service. They provide you with excellent customer service, they strive so hard to understand your problem, and they give you instructions to follow before they arrive. Some of them also have the answers to all the questions you will ask to prove their authenticity. When you meet such a trusted pest control service provider, then you should hire them.


The process of hiring a pest control service provider is not difficult. You just have to be very careful to ensure that you eventually hire the services of a pest control service provider who understands your needs and is willing to help you fix them.

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Two Kinds of Pest Control in Smyrna, TN?

What Are Two Different Kinds of Pest Control in Smyrna, TN?

Whether you have a general pest problem or an extreme issue with bed bugs, it’s important that you know what your options are. Below, you can read more about the two kinds of pest control in Smyrna, TN available for you and which ones are best for you.

Bed Bug Removal Service

kinds of pest control in Smyrna, TNThere are many ways in which you can determine whether or not you have bed bugs. Naturally, it’s best if you find out early because as time goes on, the infestation will only continue to worsen. There will be, for example, red or rusted stains on your sheets or on your mattress because of bed bugs being crushed and killed in your bed as you roll around during the night. There may also be dark spots on your bed which are caused by excrement released by the bed bugs. Other than that, the most obvious sign of having bed bugs are marks on your skin that cluster together and look similar to mosquito bites, or finding live bugs in your clothing or in your bedding.
If you hire a bed bug removal service then you can effectively sanitize your home so that you kill any bacteria which is infecting it and promoting an unhealthy environment. Awful smells like cigarette smoke and odours from your pets will also be eliminated in the process of the bed bugs being killed.
With Absolute Pest Control, you’ll also have a cheaper method of eliminating the nasty pests that have invaded your home. With a 100% money back guarantee, the steam-cleaning technique is sure to get rid of your bed bug problem.

Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control

Eco Friendly kinds of pest control in Smyrna, TNEco-friendly pest control is not a new concept when it comes to pest control. In the past, run off and toxins from the pest control techniques have polluted airways and water systems in surrounding areas. Giving the world’s current global crisis, it is important that one chooses environmentally-friendly methods in daily life.
Here, you’ll find the various methods of removing pests for your home. Eco-friendly products are used to prevent pests from entering your home, which is a double win because your home is protected and the environment is as well.
Oils from plants are used just as effectively as traditional pesticides and chemicals; therefore, you won’t ever have to sacrifice the quality of your treatment for price. The oils used in these treatments affects the nervous systems of insects, as well as movement and metabolism. You home will, then, will be protected from insects that both fly and crawl.

No matter what the kind of pests you have, there are always ways in which you can eliminate them. There are many kinds of treatments, from eco-friendly methods to those which take care of bed bugs. Whatever your specific needs are, you can definitely find something that will get those nasty bugs out of your home. More than anything, your family will be safe from the trouble that bed bugs bring. We hope this has answered your question about two kinds of pest control in Smyrna, TN.

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