3 Things Rodents Love About Your House

3 Things Rodents Love About Your House

Why do people have rodent infestations? Because rodents are wild animals doing what they need to for survival. If your home provides the basic needs for rodents, they will consider it an invitation. What are the 3 Things Rodents Love About Your House?





Rodents are not as large as humans. This means the spaces we don’t pay attention to are perfect for them. Barns and abandoned buildings are a favorite of rodents. How are the rodents gaining entrance to your personal space? Routine inspections of your home, barn, or office building will reduce the chances of having unwanted rodents. Unsealed roofs, windows without screens, open vents, openings into the attic or crawlspace are common entry points. Imagine how small rodents can be, they need only a hole 25% of their body size to enter.


Messy kitchens, attics full of old boxes, grain bins, unsecured trash cans are all ways that rodents fill their bellies in your home. Because rodent teeth are always growing, they need things to gnaw on. Like old books, boxes, twigs, holes, almost anything. Keep any area that food is stored, prepared, served, and disposed of clean is important.


Smells! Yes. Rodents have a good sense of smell. If they are walking between two homes and yours has good smells like peanut butter, hot dogs, minty dental floss, jelly beans, honey, and much more.

Hope this answers your questions about the 3 Things Rodents Love About Your House.

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